Seasons of Change

Fall is a season of change, so perhaps its only fitting  that Saturday’s election brought significant change to our board of trustees.  Four new trustees will shortly be sworn in, and four other individuals who previously served the district, will move on to other adventures.  For the first time in a very long time, the majority of the trustees on our seven member board will be first time trustees.  Fortunately the three returning trustees are experienced hands, with multiple terms of service behind them, so the opportunity exists to generate an excellent balance of past wisdom and experience with new energy and commitment.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing trustees Jaret Thompson, Linda Stringer, Candace Dow and Daryl Pasichnyck for their years of service. During their time  on the board, the district underwent a period of tremendous growth, change and and transition. Their tenure saw our student population grow by over 750 students to grow to over 6000 learners. New schools were planned and built, and there was a wave of transitions in many key district positions. Without their contributions many of these changes would have not gone as smoothly as they have.

The returning and newly elected trustees will face challenges too. Our communities continue to expand, and the pressures to provide quality facilities and to recruit, retain and properly deploy personnel will continue to grow . The continuing commitment to harnessing this region’s energy resources means our district will likely continue to expand dramatically.  This at the same time as the Ministry of Education is introducing sweeping changes to curriculum and the way education is delivered.  Across the district, staff and students welcome the new board of trustees and eagerly await both opportunities to see what their vision is for the future and for opportunities to demonstrate the programs and successes currently underway in our schools. Change is everywhere in our district and we look forward to working with the new board of trustees to see to it that these changes help improve student outcomes in all education matters!



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